Two of The Best Ways To Get Organized

Organizing for the New Year (or anytime of the year)

With the start of a New Year comes a fresh start and an opportunity to clean out and organize many areas of our home that we have been wanting to get to. Imagine not just cleaning out and organizing your home but keeping the habit of organizing all through the year!

How peaceful and serene would it be for you and your family to walk into your tidy and organized home? Everything would have a place to live (other than the kitchen island) and you would be able to relax and enjoy your home and family because you are not drowning in clutter!

The First Way to Get Organized

Friends, I have two ways for you to get organized for this New Year, or any time of the year. The first way is time sensitive so I will share it first.

My friend and organizing expert, Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog is hosting a fun and FREE decluttering challenge that starts Monday, January 4th! It’s called Kickstart Your Organized Year

The challenge Kickstart Your Organized Year lasts 5 days. On the first 4 days, you will receive a short video in your email which includes a quick 20 minute decluttering assignment for you to complete. Each assignment will help you to bring order to to one area of your home. You will definitely clear tons of clutter and find a place for what you need and use in your home during these 4 days.

On the 5th day of the challenge, Abby will host a live class to share her tips and tricks for how you can keep the habit of organizing going all throughout the year!

If you could use some help getting started with organizing your home for the New Year, this Kickstart Your Organized Year challenge is most definitely for You! (and me) 🙂

I hope you will join me for this fun and totally FREE challenge. To learn more and to sign up, just click on this link. Kickstart Your Organized Year.

The Second Way to Get Organized

The second way that I have for you to get organized is an amazing organizing product for your wardrobe that I have had the pleasure of using! It’s called The Hanger Valet. This revolutionary product will keep your outfits and accessories organized for you and your kids! Yes! There’s even a Hanger Valet for kids!

The Hanger Valet takes the stress out of “What do I Wear with What Today” because you have already taken your outfit and accessories and organized them all in the sleek over the hanger organizer. For the 5 minutes of time that it takes to put your outfit and and accessories into The Hanger Valet, it saves you so much more time in the morning when we are all rushed and stressed.

Just grab your outfit with your Hanger Valet and get dressed. No more searching for undergarments, earrings, socks, or shoes because everything that you need is in your Hanger Valet. I have even put a pair of shoes on the back of The Hanger Valet in the very roomy zipper compartment.

Here’s a photo of me with one of the many ways that I use my Hanger Valet. You can read more about it here on my Instagram Post.

I hope you enjoyed reading about two of my Best Ways to Get Organized in the New Year. I hope these two resources will help you to get organized and stay organized in the New Year! If you have any questions about either one of these resources, please leave a comment below with your questions about Kickstart Your Organized Year Challenge or The Hanger Valet.

Yours In Style, Tina

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