Three Ways to Wear Denim Shorts

Do you have denim shorts and would like to wear them in a casual yet classy way? I have three ways to wear your denim shorts in the summer. Any variation of these outfits will have you feeling and looking comfortable and put together, wherever your summer plans take you.

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Option Number 1: The Always Classic White T-Shirt

You just can’t go wrong with a classic white t-shirt with jean shorts. You will have a blank canvas and can add a multitude of accessories to change up your desired look. I especially love this white t-shirt because it is not see through at all. The fabric is so soft and the short sleeve adds the perfect classy touch! I also love that the t-shirt has a v-neck, which gives the appearance of a longer looking neck!

My accessories are minimal. I chose to wear a fun pop of color in my earrings. These coral colored tassel earrings are so cute and can be worn with a multitude of outfits. Could I have worn a necklace and a stack of bracelets with this outfit? Absolutely! However, I chose to keep it simple with just the earrings.

The straw bag with the scarf adds a perfect touch of color that ties into the denim shorts. This particular bag had the scarf attached to it already. It’s a super cute Draper James bag that I received in one of my Fab Fit Fun boxes.

Model standing in front of front door wearing white t-shirt with denim shorts and sandals
A Classic White T-Shirt with Denim Shorts

Option Number 2: Stripes with Denim Shorts

I love wearing stripes with just about anything! Stripes have a nautical feel with a preppy vibe which gives your jean shorts a classy look. Stripes used to be worn mainly during the summer, but I think they can be worn year round. Are stripes the new neutral? I think so!

My plant I have here is a Fiddle Leaf Fig. I have had one for a few years that has done really well in my home. It got so big that I had to move it to a different room. I got this smaller one to put where the larger one used to be. I will keep you updated on how the new plant is doing.

Model standing in front of front door wearing striped shirt with white cardigan and jean shorts holding a fiddle leaf fig plant
Stripes for a Classy Look

Option Number 3: Add a Long Cardigan

When the cooler summer nights or air conditioning calls for a cardigan, I love wearing a longer cardigan with shorts. A cardigan with fringe on the bottom is definitely a bonus! I love wearing clothes with movement! A longer cardigan can also be worn into the fall and then again in the summer. You could wear it in the winter too, depending on where you live.

I’m wearing the same earrings that I had on in the first photo. I really do wear them with so many outfits during the summer. These tassel earrings come in many different colors. They are handmade and reasonably priced. If you get a pair, let The Knotty Tassel know that Tina sent you.

My cute coin purse is one of a kind and is not for sale! It was made by my daughter! She painted the fabric, sewed the purse, and added a cute pom pom tassel. My daughter is so creative. Can you tell that I am a proud Momma!

Model standing in front of front door wearing long fringe cardigan with denim shorts
Add a Long Cardigan

If you need more outfit ideas for the summer, then you may also enjoy reading this post, Three Ways to Wear Leopard Print In The Summer.

Here are my denim shorts that I have worn in all three of these outifts that I shared with you today. What’s your favorite way to wear denim shorts in the summer? I would love to know. Let me know below in the comments. I always love seeing what you are wearing too!

Yours in Style, Tina xo

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    1. Hi Maureen, Thank you so much!! I’m so happy that I provided some inspiration for you! I love stripes too. They are so classic. Thank you for your comment. Hope you are having a nice summer. 🙂

  1. Super cute looks! I think my favorite outfit is the second one with the striped tee. I have two pairs of denim shorts, but one pair is really old and junior-looking and the other pair is way too short! I definitely need to get a better pair.
    Hope you’re having a great day!

    Miles of smiles,

    1. Hi Grace, Thank you so much! I am partial to the outfit with the striped shirt too! I love the color of the wash of these shorts. Finding a great pair of denim shorts is definitely a great item to have in your summer wardrobe! 🙂

    1. Hi Lisa, Thank you so much! I have been wearing my denim shorts a lot this summer.Thank you for the link up. It was fun to join and see others fashion posts! 🙂

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