DIY Make-Up Brush Cleaner

DIY Make-Up Brush Cleaner

Clean Your Makeup Brushes Without Expensive Brush Cleaners

DIY Make-Up Brushes Dirty

I have been procrastinating cleaning my makeup brushes because I didn’t want to spend the money on expensive makeup brush cleaners! I decided to try cleaning my makeup brushes with my Seventh Generation dish soap. I was blown away with the results! My makeup brushes are visibly cleaner and it was so easy to do! My precious 4 year old daughter even helped! Here are the easy and quick steps to get your makeup brushes super clean!

Seventh Generation Soap for DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

First, I put some warm water in a bowl with one squirt of the dish soap. Next I swirled my makeup brushes around in the sudsy water for about a minute. You will notice how the water takes on the color of the makeup that was on the brush! The brushes are getting clean right before my eyes! It’s instant gratification, which doesn’t happen too often!

Step 1 DIY Makeup Brush CleaningMommy's Helper DIY Makeup Brush Cleaning

After swirling the brush around for a minute, I rinsed the brush with warm water under the faucet for about another minute. After the rinsing was complete, I gently dried the brush of with a paper towel.

Step 2 DIY Makeup Brush Cleanng

Since the water in the bowl was so dark with makeup, I decided to repeat the entire process to make certain that all of the yucky makeup was cleaned out of my brush. Some brushes even took a third cleaning. After drying the brushes a final time with a paper towel, I simply laid the visibly cleaner makeup brushes out to dry overnight.

Step 3 DIY Makeup Brush Cleaning

I really was amazed how clean my brushes were, how easy it was to clean them, and how affordable it was! Give your dish soap a try and let me know how it works out for you!DIY Makeup Brush Clean Brushes



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    1. I used to dread cleaning my make-up brushes because I thought I would have to use the expensive cleaners. I love using inexpensive cleansers that we already have around the house. Thank you so much for your kind words. Happy 2018! Tina xx

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