Closet Clean Out Guide to Build a More Stylish Mom Uniform: Part 2

Now You Are Gaining Your Closet Clean Out Momentum

Welcome back for Part 2 of my Closet Clean Out Series! If you haven’t read the Part 1 blog post, be sure to read it first. Closet Clean Out Guide to Build a More Stylish Mom Uniform: Part 1 You will learn about the first and most important step of how you should begin your closet clean out. This first step will definitely set you up for some good momentum during the clean out and organizing process.

Back in Part 1 of the Closet Clean Out, we were able to quickly sort through pants, jeans and skirts. We covered the basics of the closet clean out process and how to move through the process quickly and efficiently.

Sorting Through Dresses for the Season

I sort through dresses next, keeping the current season in mind. Also, I separate my closet for each season. Doing this helps to relieve overwhelm when you open your closet to find something to wear. If it’s spring or summer when you are doing this closet clean out, like I am doing , then you will want to take and separate your fall and winter dresses.

If you have a separate closet, I would recommend placing your fall and winter items in this separate closet. It’s totally fine if you don’t have a separate closet. You can put your fall and winter items in the back of your closet. Doing this simple step will allow you to see exactly what is available to you in your closet to create outfits for the current season.

Here’s How I Sort Through My Dresses

In the video at the bottom of this post, I show you how I sort through my dresses that I am keeping. I have quite a few summer dresses because I love wearing dresses in the summer! Some are not even shown in the video. All of my Lilly Pulitzer dresses are hanging on a rolling clothing rack in my office. The dress that I am wearing in the photo below is from Rent the Runway. Dresses and shoes are my weakness when I’m out shopping. What’s your shopping weakness? I would love to know. Just comment below this blog post to let me know.

Rent the Runway Discount Code

I have enjoyed having my Rent the Runway subscription. It’s a great way to try new styles of clothing without the commitment to purchase anything. I mainly choose dresses each month, but they have pants, tops, shorts, and accessories to choose from too! If you would like to try Rent the Runway for yourself, be sure to use this discount code RTRFAM54762DB to receive 40% off your first two months of either an 8 or 16 item plan. Feel free to email me with questions about the subscription service.

One of my favorite summer dresses that I love to wear!

For Part 3 of my Closet Clean Out Series, I will have another blog post and another video tutorial like this one. I will sort through hanging shirts and shirts that I fold in the dresser.

As you are watching these videos and reading these blog posts and feel like you could use some help cleaning out your closet and creating outfits from the clothes that you decide to keep, I can help and would Love to help you! I offer Virtual Styling Services to help with closet clean outs, outfit creation from your existing wardrobe, and I design beautiful Digital Lookbooks for you to see all of your outfits at a glance! If you have questions about my Virtual Styling Services and how I can help you, please take a look at my Virtual Styling Services Page or you can email me at

Yours In Style, Tina xx

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